Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is funny...

July 12, 2006

Paralegal dies in some sort of accident

The Firm mourns the loss of a paralegal, who apparently died last month from some illness or in an accident. He/she was a valuable and loved employee, whose dedication was noticed by all. He/she will be missed. On a brighter note, new paper clips arrived today, and everyone is very excited. The Firm's recent paper clip shortage has impacted everyone's life here, from the partners who use the paper clips to the associates who get the paper clips thrown at them. A party was held to celebrate the new paper clips in conference room 24B. Cake was served. Also, we mourned the loss of our paralegal, who we miss deeply, and wish he or she was still here with us. A fund has been established in his/her name, as soon as we remember it.

From anonymouslawfirm.com.

Compare it to this "real" firm.

(Could have been any firm...sorry S&S.)


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